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    at CAFÉ+ Coffee.Brunch.Dessert

    strawberry cheesecake 🍓🍰 (at CAFÉ+ Coffee.Brunch.Dessert)

    5th ferrero from baby. thankyou @jcarreni! iloveyou! 😘😚

    suman sa lihiya 😋 #pinoyfood #favorite (at Primavera Homes / Executive)


    be awesome 😏 #twins (at Immaculate Concepcion School of Baliuag)

    I can’t wait to say goodnight when we both go to sleep on the same bed. Then woke up the next morning cuddling each other. I want to wake up and know that we will not be saying goodbye again. Just “see you after work.”
    Someday baby, someday.. 💗💕 #LDR #WaybackWednesday (at Guilly’s)

    imissyou baby babes 😔😢 @jcarreni #quote #LDR

    absolutely 👌 #maltesers #chocoholic 😋🍫

    created my first #loomband 😊😉